Offical EVE Casino Statement

Hello All,

Even though we did NOT even get to open our doors to a single customer we want to thank everyone for supporting us in the amazing ways that were done.

And though we have NOT even opened EVE Casino for anyone to use. I know a lot of people have been asking in which way we have violated the Developer License Agreement since the EVE Casino project does NOT utilize CREST or the EVE SSO mentioned in the DLA.

We are still inquiring on this manner.

To ensure we do not violate the Upcoming EULA/TOS we will be shutting down our Chance based Game Engines.

Our other fan based sites like EOC.TV, MiLA, and AoEVE have been affected by this recent development and we hope to resolve any issues which may arise.

We entrust CCP will be thorough in their investigation as they have in the past and we hope to have this resolved as soon as possible.

Again much love,

Evil At Work