Mobile Betting Options When Wagering On The Go Mobile Casino Games

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Mobile Betting Options When Wagering On The Go Mobile Casino Games

Mobile betting is a new option developed recently thanks to the latest tech developments. Gambling or betting on games has been common in many countries around the world since the ancient era. Up to now, many people are still considering online or mobile casino games wagering activity as a significant part of their social or personal life.

Mobile Betting

To most gamblers, spending time in betting for card games and other online games, as well as on various sports, is a good way to achieve relief from an exhausting life at work. There are also some people that consider gambling as means of making great profits the lazy way. These people make use of several sets of online or mobile betting strategies that effectively increase their chances of winning, or at least help them prevent impractical betting.

In Blackjack and in some other card games, some expert gamblers make use of the betting strategy called card counting. These casino games strategies will basically help you determining whether the next hand will give a probable advantage to you or not. However, as a card counter or an advantage player, you cannot use the cards counting strategy wagering online. The reason is that in the online or mobile Blackjack there is no sense to count the cards as the cards deck is shuffled every session round.

Meanwhile, you may also try to use the betting option called Due-Column betting strategy. This is a fixed-profit type of casino mobile games strategies where you will increase the amount you wager on a single proposition after each of your successive losses. The increase in your bets must be calculated according to your predetermined profit in order to recover the sum of all amounts you lost in the first bets.

Mobile Betting Options When Wagering On The Go Mobile Casino Games betting option

Most mobile casinos make use of the mathematics of probability in establishing their house edge for the mobile casino games they feature. Thus, you can also use such knowledge to beat the game through the game betting strategy called Kelly Criterion or Kelly Formula. Although it may take you some time in reviewing the mathematical concepts involved in this strategy, it will worth the significant increase in your chances of beating mobile casinos. In fact, this strategy is also applicable in the mainstream investments, particularly on the analysis on the given investment factors and the corresponding odds.

Another simple and easy betting option that you can try is the Martingale strategy, which works similarly with Due-Column betting strategy. The main difference between these two casino games strategies is that Martingale is primarily applicable to 50-50 events such as tossing of a coin while in Due-Column using odds variance. Like the other strategy, Martingale merely requires you to double the amount that you bet each time you lose in a game round. For example, if you bet with $1 on the first round and unfortunately lose three times in a row, your bets should be $2, $4, and $8 for the second, third, and fourth, round and so on until you have recovered the total amount you have lost.

In some mobile betting sites, you may also try to use wagering options like Fixed Profits and Fixed Stakes. Fixed Profit basically includes ensuring the same profit from every winning selection through the varying stakes based on the game odds. On the other hand, you can use fixed stakes in mobile casinos where you simply stake the same amount upon each selection you make. About George LivingstoneMobile betting player always searching for the ways to beat mobile casinos

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